Friday, August 7, 2009

My Bypass Surgery

Hello everyone.

For the few of you who read this blog regularly, I know I promised the conclusion to my "Queersploitation" article months ago, but then the world of two jobs and no days off for over a month happened. It will come someday (along with my thoughts on the new Star Trek, among other things), but for now, I have something more important to talk about.

My best friend, Jake Paikai, is morbidly obese. Since I have known him, I have only seen his health deteriorate, despite his best efforts at exercise. In November of last year, he fell and injured both knees and has hardly been able to walk since.

Today, everything changes. Over the past several months, Jake and our group of friends have been working on a project, conceived of by Jake, that will save his life. It's called My Bypass Surgery, and our website just went live today. Our most immediate goal is to raise enough money to get Jake gastric bypass surgery ($60,000) and save his life. From there, we will be creating a non-profit organization with the goals of raising money for other people in need of gastric bypass surgery, as well as funding obesity-awareness education programs.

You can help save my friend's life by giving just a few dollars. On the website, you can watch and read about all of Jake's accomplishments on the website.

It all starts here, and it starts with me and you. Every dollar counts. Whatever you can give, please do. Just go to and give whatever you can. You are fabulous each and every one. Thanks!